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We are Expatriate Advisers & Estate Planners

Many people seem unaware or do not understand the financial advantages and disadvantages of moving around the world. For example double taxation, offshore products, banking, where to keep your money, taking advantage of the pension breaks for non resident Brits and writing your will to minimise Inheritance Tax and care home costs in later life. 

There are very few International Advisers (i.e. individuals qualified in the UK, your new country and offshore). There are even fewer availing their knowledge to everyone whether wealthy or not at reasonable rates. Usually this professional advice pays for itself very quickly.

Another BIG advantage to receiving your advice outside of the UK is that we are not bound by the professional disclosure rules on Exchange of Information, as are UK Lawyers, Accountants, IFA’s and Estate Planners.

 All information and advice exchanged is independent and confidential.

So how can we help?

*       Estate planning covers all aspects of your move

*       The best time to move in the tax year

*       Double taxation treaties

*       Where to have your pensions paid with the best return

*       Your Will can be written to reduce inheritance tax legally and to avoid care home costs if you are unfortunate enough to need them

*       Where are your assets? Are you receiving the best income and paying the least tax possible?

*       Have you been advised about offshore banking and products? (By an INDEPENDENT ADVISER)

*       Have you protected your heirs? Can you control your assets from the grave? You can, with the right product.

*       Are you working for a UK company and being paid and taxed in Spain or elsewhere? Would you be better off being paid in the UK?

Have a complete INDEPENDENT OVERVIEW. Everyone should re-evaluate at least every five years.

It is important when considering your European taxation liability that at the same time you take a fresh look at your UK tax situation so that you are not financially disadvantaged in either country. 

If your needs require it we can introduce you to the appropriate Independent and Regulated Professionals in the right country!  i.e. No point in engaging a British lawyer when you need a European one and vice versa. Getting the right information first will save you money. Before you do anything else get professional help now. Many have incurred excessive costs going to the wrong adviser.

We are qualified in British and International Tax and Estate Planning. We are associated with Lawyers, Accountants and Financial Advisers in the UK, Europe and Offshore.

To get peace of mind is priceless and the potential financial savings are immeasurable.

The first step is to call us on (00 34) 922 390851

We travel throughout the UK, Ireland, Spain, Balearic and Canary Islands.  

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