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Hymn: Revive Us Again


"But the word of the Lord endures forever. Now this is the word which by the gospel was preached to you."

1 Peter 1:25

Welcome to my web ministry site! This site was launched in April of 2011 and is dedicated to helping interested visitors in gaining a more complete understanding of what God really teaches regarding the topics of salvation, faith, prayer, righteousness, and prophecy. The world has entered into the post-modern era and with it has come many false and distorted views on what the bible actually teaches. It is my hope that this site will serve as a gateway for you to study God's word in context and with greater clarity, so that the texts can come alive and become a more-powerful tool to you during these troubling and ever-changing times in which we live.          

The About Us section specifically defines our foundational beliefs and mission. The Q&A section addresses questions often asked by those that have recently come to the faith or those interested in learning more about the doctrines contained within God's word. The Study section offers an in-depth investigation of various topics and is geared toward those desiring a deeper examination of God's word, which will often include an examination of the original Greek and Hebrew words contained in the passage, along with the relevant historical and archaeological background which will help us gain a more comprehensive understanding of the passages referenced in the study. The Powerpoint section offers several PowerPoint presentations which I created, featuring a combination of graphics, text, music, and sound which will offer a more interactive study of various topics. The Glossary section defines biblical terms used throughout this site and in some instances the definition includes a short topical study on that subject. The Prayer section provides insight into personal fellowship with God through prayer. The Links section provides links to some of my favorite Christian sites, where additional information can be obtained. Finally, the Messages section will feature shorter articles which focus on current or seasonal events.   

It is my hope that this site will prove to be a valuable resource to you in your daily walk with the Lord. I would like to offer a special invitation to those visitors that have not yet heard the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Please take a few moments to read the article, First Steps, that I have prepared especially for you. God Bless.

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