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New 10/09/19 Two Simple Experiments that Indicate a Problem with the Equivalence Principle?

New 9/28/19 Gravitomagnetic Variables and Transformations

New 9/18/19 On Gravitational Time Dilation

New 9/18/19 Photon Frequency in a Uniform Gravitational Field

New, 9/17/19 Photon Frequency in an Inverse Square Gravitational Field

New, 8/11/19 On the Phenomenon of Red Shifted Starlight

New, 7/30/19 "Matter" and Quarks

New, 7/17/19 Things to Come?

New, 7/13/19 Negative Mass and Its Apparent Lack in the Visible Universe

10 of My Favorite Articles. Most discuss a phenomenon not often mentioned in the literature.

On Gravitomagnetism


Spinning Spirals

Faraday's Paradox

Bohr's Atom Revisited

Feynman's "Paradox"

Interfering Psi Waves

Energy of a Charge v.s. Its Field Energy

On the Principle of Least Action

Permutations and Fermat's Theorem

General Interest Articles

Analogies Between Heat and Radiation


Counteraction of Lorentz Torques

The Curvature of Spinning, Translating Rods

Electromagnetism and Rotational Relativity

The Equation of Motion for Multiple Charged Particles with Periodic Motion

When Gravity Balances the Lorentz Force

Determining Whether the "Faraday emf" or Spin-Induced Electric Field is the More Correct View in the Case of a Spinning Faraday Disc

An Example of Field Energy Absorption

On the Electromagnetic Inertia of Current Loops

Laurel and Hardy Discover an Unexpected Symmetry

Learning to Love the Lorentz Transformation

Magnetic Bonding of Round Current Loops

On the Perception of Moving Contours by a Single Eye

On a Needed Expansion of Newton’s Second Law

Some Further Thoughts About Neutral Matter Interactions

On the Non-Relativistic Electrodynamics of an Isolated Spherical Shell of Charge

Orbital Precession in an Inverse Square Electric Force Field

On Oscillating Particles and the Forces that Drive Them

The Electrodynamics of Length Contraction and Time Dilation

Splines, Points and Fermat

Amplitudes and Periods of a Relativistic Oscillator

Amplitudes and Periods of a Relativistic Oscillator in Various g Fields

On the Earth's Electric Field

Escape Velocities in Single-Valued g Fields  

"Quantum" Forces and Electric Motor Design

On a Quantum Toy

Relativistic Reaction Forces for a Spherical Shell of Charge

Toward a Stable Electron Model?

Stellar Aberration and Retarded Position

On the Temperature Independence of Energy Partitioning Among Photons in Black Body Radiation

The Transformation of Temperature

The Fields of a Translating, Uncharged Current Loop

Twin Paradox Redux

A Useful Variation of the Lorentz Field Transformations

Velocity Anomalies

The Zone


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